"I am the wheat of God. I must become the bread of Christ." -St. Ignatius of Antioch

Lay Carmelites

Our Lady Queen of Carmel Lay Carmelite Community

Lay Carmelites are Roman Catholic men and women who “live in the following of Jesus Christ according to the traditions and spirit of Carmel.” The Third Order of Carmel (TOC) is not a club, a ministry, or a devotion. It is a vocation, a way of life. Lay Carmelites seek the face of God through prayer, community, and service.  

Carmelites consider Mary their patroness, sister and mother. They imitate Mary’s virtues by listening to and pondering the Word of God. Carmelites also model themselves after Elijah, who said, “I have been very zealous for the Lord God Almighty.” Lay Carmelites strive to develop a beautiful, loving community spirit. This is nurtured by prayer, sharing and fellowship with fellow sojourners seeking to follow God’s Holy Will in their lives and to come closer to Him in prayer and service.

You may be called to Carmel if…

            You have a deep longing in your heart to be closer to God.

            You love to ponder God’s Word in both Scripture and in the person of Christ.

            You would love to go to daily Mass if you were able to do so.

            You desire to hear God in the stillness of your heart.

            You desire to be part of a community of men and women who share your love of God.

            You desire to be part of a rich spiritual tradition dating back eight-hundred-years.

            You desire to be love in the heart of the Church.

Our Community meets on the first Saturday of each month after celebrating the 9 a.m. Mass together. The Community prays Morning Prayer from the Liturgy of the Hours, practices Lectio Divina (discussion of the Sunday Gospel) and discusses a book on a Carmelite Saint or Carmelite Spirituality. 

If you would like to visit a Community Meeting to learn more about the Lay Carmelites, please contact: Mary Perrone Davis, TOC at OurLadyQueenOfCarmelInfo@runbox.com